Should You Keep Chocolate In The Fridge Or Cupboard?

Should you keep chocolate in the fridge or cupboard?

People have differing views on whether you should keep chocolate in the fridge or cupboard, but who’s right?

We deal with the dilemma of keeping chocolate cool everyday – OK, we’re based in Scotland so maybe not everyday – but the answer to the question could actually depend on where in the world you live.

Chocolate tastes best when it’s eaten at around 14 to 16°C. That’s why many chocolate wrappers have “Store in a cool, dry place” written on them.

That’s quite a tight temperature range so really somewhere between 10 and 20°C would be acceptable to give you a mouth watering choccy experience.

The melting point of chocolate depends on the cocoa butter content and dark chocolate generally has a higher melting point than it’s milk or white chocolate counterparts.

Generally, once temperatures start rising significantly above 20°C there’s an increased chance it will start to melt. This will cause white spots to appear, called a ‘sugar bloom’ or ‘chocolate fat bloom‘. White spots don’t mean it’s inedible but it does mean that the taste may have been compromised.

Start going significantly below 10°C and your chocolate will start to look lifeless and dull. Too cold also means too hard and you’ll have to concede that some of that delicious chocolatey taste will be gone – as well as being hard to bite through!

The good news is that by bringing the chocolate back to room temperature your taste buds can rejoice again!

So, should you keep chocolate in the fridge or cupboard?

Answer: The cupboard…unless it’s too warm in which case the fridge would be a better choice, preferably in a sealed container away from any strong smelling foods or liquids and then left to warm to room temperature before eating.